The BLIZZARD model in the OVERSIZE range is designed for the Russian market, the CIS countries, Scandinavia and Africa. Its strengths lie in its loading capacity, simplicity of use and adaptation to extreme road and climate conditions. Through the use of special components and its strength, this semitrailer offers excellent operating performance in various geographic markets.  It can also be sold in the SKD kit and CKD kit versions.

For this semitrailer, Rolfo's know-how and meticulous design have led to:

  • Unbeatable lightness well under 11 tonnes (10,600 kg).
  • Special high-resistance chassis, which guarantees a higher loading volume, resulting in the best loading factor for all types of vehicles, with quick and simple loading operations.

The Blizzard was designed to guarantee maximum security and protection levels for vehicles both during loading and transport operations, reducing damage due to foreign elements such as stones, blocks of ice, and so on, to a minimum.

Protecting cars from accidental damage is guaranteed by a special lifting system (pillars), which allow the operators to work with ease.