Rescue Cart

RESCUE CART is a special vehicle designed for emergency workers who have to operate in scenarios (such us metro...), where it is impossible to work with traditional road vehicles.

Developed by a collaboration with the Fire Department, RESCUE CART combines the manoeuvrability, lightness and versatility needed for rescue equipement.

Through the appropriate hinges and safety locks is possible to transport the carry both by road thanks to lateral tires, or alternatively, via the different handles are spread over the entire perimeter of the basket.

RESCUE CART comes in different configurations, depending on the fields of use: wheeled version compatible with the tracks of light rail (VAL System) or metro traditional version. To ensure operator safety, the cart is equipped with a mechanical parking brake and special removable handlebars that help users navigate.


  • Gross vehicle weight: 600 Kg distributed on the surface of the cart
  • Empty weight: 110 Kg
  • Mechanic braking system, operating on 2 axels by disc brakes
  • Handles for moving and opening the cart
  • Side wheels for the rolling of the cart when in closed position
  • Anti-slippery surfaces made of aluminium