About us

Rolfo was founded in 1885 and is one of the most successful Italian companies.

A journey based on commitment, work and success with the Rolfo family at the forefront, still coordinating all the Company’s business today.

The Rolfo Group is now a world leader in manufacturing equipment for transporting vehicles. It specializes in the production of transporters (for general cars, collection and sports cars, road tractors, cruisers, farm tractors, off-road vehicles, SUVs and all kinds of commercial vehicles), and in the study and manufacturing of special equipment, made for specific uses in a limited number of models each year. To these, Rolfo applies all its skills and craftsmanship acquired over more than a century of history.

Over the years, various companies have been opened in Italy and abroad for the production, sale and after-sale assistance of its products, guaranteeing presence and support in various geographic markets.

Controlled by the Rolfo family through Rolfo Holding S.r.l., the Group’s headquarters is located in Italy, specifically in Bra in the province of Cuneo.