Production systems changed drastically over more than a century, and ROLFO has kept abreast of these changes. Technological innovation and the search for the highest quality of result have always been Rolfo's industrial objective, while still meeting the specific requirements of each Customer, wherever he may be in the world.

For this reason, each vehicles produced by Rolfo has the quality and the innovation which come from its industrial production system, closely linked with its suitability for the specific needs of the person who has to use the vehicle - in accordance with a craft mentality.

The Technical Design Department never ceases to evolve and produce a never ending stream of ideas and resources. Each production department has technicians and workers with long experience and a high degree of specialization.

An effecient Quality Control Office checks that the required standards are always maintained.

State-of-the-art robots, shearing machines, presses, numeric-control bending machines, plasma and laser cutting machines and an automated warehousing system complete the industrial and craft mix of Rolfo production system.