System represents the ultimate evolution of a family of transporters for finished vehicles achieving the ambitious targets of maximum flexibility and efficiency, driver's friendly utilization, long durability and reduced maintenance costs. Our long experience in the manufacturing of car transporters and of a special vehicles, has materialized in this range of products capable to cope with the most severe requirements of the Industry and to meet various customers' needs.

System have been conceived, designed and built to incorporate all the properties of advanced car carrier,combining robustness with lightweight and flexibility with ease of use.

LOAD FACTOR: from cars, MPV, SUV, to vans, caravans, campers and truck chassis.

LIGHTWEIGHT: lightweight has been achieved with no compromise on the strength and durability, thanks to the high yield steel and high quality components. Light weight reflects directly on low fuel consumption.

FLEXIBILITY: truck superstructures and trailers can be combined among the various models. The rigid can also operate as Solo unit, for city transports. The Rolfo design System operations makes fast and easy each load.

PROFITABILITY: more loads, more flexibility, less fuel consumption and less maintenance costs all togheter lead to High Profitability.